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Fostering is providing a safe and nurturing environment for a child or young person when they are unable to be cared for by their birth family. This could be for a number of reasons, from poor health to abuse or neglect.

It is estimated that the UK needs to recruit 10,000 more foster carers to provide nurturing environments for looked after children and young people.

This shortage means that children and young people often move home, and have to frequently change schools. They could also be split up from their siblings.

This lack of stability doesn’t give children the support they need to grow and recover.

If you are considering applying to be a foster carer, you will need the following qualities.


As a foster carer, you will need to commit your time, energy and make room in your life and home to look after a child or young person.

The ability to provide support

Foster carers must ensure that they do everything in their power to support the children or young people, in their health, their social well-being, and their education.

The ability to manage behaviour

Past experiences and the trauma of being moved from their family home could result in a child or young person displaying difficult or challenging behaviour. Foster carers must work with both the child or young person and their fostering team to help manage their feelings and behaviour.

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The ability to work with your agency or local authority

You will be required to attend meetings about the young person in your care, with your agency or local authority, and other parties. It is likely that you will be asked to keep written records and to manage sensitive information.

The ability to communicate

Foster carers must be able to communicate well, both with the person in your care, their social workers and, in some cases, the young person’s birth family.

If you feel that fostering might be for you then click HERE for a free guide to fostering. This guide will hopefully answer many of your questions.

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