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Getting Started

Foster care is an unusual profession in that there is often a huge time lag between a person initially thinking about fostering and their eventual approach to a foster care provider – information provided by the Fostering Network says that this period is on average 9 years.

A lot of thought

Obviously becoming a foster carer is something that potential carers give a lot of thought to, and rightly so.

Becoming a foster carer is a life changing step and one that should be given much consideration. Many people’s first instinct when confronted with the striking image of an appeal for foster carers, is to feel motivated to do something.

Good people often feel the desire to: give something back, share a pleasant home, give love where needed or simply to help. Often these worthy and heartfelt desires should be acted on only after a period of consideration, for in reality of becoming a foster carer is not something that everyone can do.

Becoming a foster carer is not a simple process and is certainly not for everyone. With this in mind here are some of the things that all potential foster carers might consider:

  • How will becoming a foster carer affect your own children?
  • Does your home have enough space for a young person?
  • Is becoming a foster carer suited to your lifestyle?
  • Often one of you will be asked to give up work
  • Fostering although always rewarding can sometimes be tough
  • Carers often need a resilient nature to cope with difficult situations
  • The assessment process can take up to a year
  • By its nature, this process has to be deep and somewhat intrusive

Give these above points some consideration and if you feel that fostering might be for you then click HERE for a free guide to fostering. This guide will hopefully answer many of your questions.

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