Fostering Steps

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The Process

What exactly happens after you send your initial inquiry?

The Fostering Team will contact you

Once you send your initial inquiry, your local authority or fostering agency will be in touch to discuss you becoming a foster carer. If they believe you have the qualities of a potential foster carer, they will arrange to visit you in your home.

The Assessment

If the initial home visit is successful, the foster care assessment will then start. This will involve a thorough look at your life. Home interviews will be conducted with you and your family, conducted by your Supervising Social Worker.

Your local authority or agency will ask for your permission to undertake police checks and will arrange for you to have a full medical check.  They will also assess your employment history and, if you have children, will conduct education checks.

Your Supervising Social Worker will then submit a written report to the fostering panel, who may then recommend it for approval.

How long will this take?

The assessment process can take up to six months, and you can withdraw from the process at any time if you decide fostering is not the right decision for you. If your local authority or agency decides that foster caring is not suitable for you, you will be told the reason for this. This does not necessarily mean you can’t apply for fostering again in the future.

If you feel that fostering might be for you then click HERE for a free guide to fostering. This guide will hopefully answer many of your questions.

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