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What we do

Fostering Steps is often the first point of contact for people wishing to become foster carers. Through our strong digital presence, we promote fostering and help suitable people to become foster carers.

Our stated aim is the give help and advice to potential foster carers and to provide resources and support to those already active as foster carers. We also hope to offer a place to provide a forum for people in the foster care world to participate.

Support and guidance

For many people, there is a rather large gap between thinking about fostering and actually doing something about it. We hope to be able to help bridge this gap with, information, advice, support and guidance.

We help put people who contact us directly in contact with the local authority. Our main aim is the provide information to potential foster carers across the UK and Ireland. It is our belief that Local Authorities are often the best place to provide for the needs of children and young people. With that in mind, we often guide people who enquire about fostering via our website or Facebook to the relevant person within their area.

The interests of the child and carer

Having said that we do give advice on fostering with private providers and charitable organisations when suitable. These organisations often have nationwide reach and have experience in cases where complex needs or disabilities are involved.

Always at the forefront of our minds are the interests of the child and carer.

If you feel that fostering might be for you then click HERE for a free guide to fostering. This guide will hopefully answer many of your questions.

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